We often act stupid more than a donkey. We often fall on the same pit more than once. It seems like we never ever really learn anything.

Actually, we do learn!

We learn the the past to gain understanding; to do things better. We strive every day to be better people. We try to learn by storing information to gain knowledge. So that we could be better.

We store those at a knowledge repository. We append new knowledge as we go on. We design this knowledge repository with an open world assumption, semi structured, hierarchical. A knowledge repository consist of a large tree contains knowledge nodes linking from one to another.

This knowledge repository as a graph of knowledge has the possibility of branching out. That’s why it is so easy to add new knowledge, but so hard to update an existing knowledge node. Just like a graph-based database behaves.

On an ideal graph, we only have to append new knowledge nodes. But a life’s knowledge node often have to rebalance and rewrite old nodes. This update of link and unlink nodes often made our knowledge repository segfaulted at certain branch of knowledge; making it contains factoid.

Another problem also arise from the way we process our knowledge. We are using tacit knowledge stored on our short-term memory to process things up.

This short-term memory is limited and volatile. Some knowledge jumbled with the wrong node. Again, another mislead factor in decision making.

To maintain that, we need an external storage. Turn the tacit into external knowledge and vice versa. And this is what this website all about:

Capturing tacit as fast as it could. Like a RAM trying to keep up with CPU registers.

This is impossible, of course. We need to buffer a faster stream before ended up into the slower stream. Such buffer is also limited. Too long to buffer and the next thing is the buffer overflowed.

To prevent buffer overflow and reduce the stress on that buffer, we need to relax this site’s writing format. Make it as fast as possible.

Our site

Now you know why the writng on this site is not that good. The goal is to capture that tacit knowledge of mine before the bucket overflow. Viewer discretion is needed as this site provide knowledge “as-is”.

In case you are wondering of reusing my original works on this site, I’m licensing this site under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.